About APS eStore

The APS eStore is an online retail division of APS Lighting & Safety Products that sells lighting and safety products direct to US-based customers. With more than 20 years experience in the lighting and safety markets, combined with knowledge gained through its operations in South America, North America, South East Asia and Australia, we only source and sell trusted products that deliver quality and durability.

APS has access to reliable US, European and Korean manufacturers of LED, HID and halogen lighting products for heavy equipment, light vehicles, fleets and industrial applications. We also stock a full range of safety products for both heavy and light vehicles, as well as a select range of radar and RF collision alert systems; camera systems; equipment parts; and workplace safety gear. Our extensive industry experience paired with our partner-network of dependable brands, allows us to secure the best-in-class products on the market cost-effective prices.

APS eStore Purchasing - US Customers Only

Currently, the APS eStore only sells direct to customers (including US Government, public, and trades) based in the United States. Therefore, if you reside in the US, have a US-based payment method, and delivery is to a US-based address, you are eligible to purchase from our online retail shop.

Wholesale & Procurement Purchasing - US and Worldwide Customers

The wholesale and procurement division of APS is eligible to both US and Worldwide customers.
To learn more, please visit our parent site: APS Lighting & Safety (Group)