Osram Xenon / Metal Halide Bulbs D1S and D2S

The D1S / D2S system produces 91 lumens per watt for comparable halogen sources. The D1S has the igniter integrated into the bulb, whilst the D2S has the igniter either in the ballast or in the cable between the ballast and the bulb. D1S is the newer technology of the 2 and offers many benefits over D2S such as less noise (EMI and RFI) and allows for a much longer cable from ballast to lamp 3 – 6m (10 – 20′) for D1S, only 0.3 – 0.9m (1 – 3′) maximum for D2S past the igniter. Since the D1S has the igniter integrated into the bulb, this offers a safer alternative to the D2S. Depending on your current system, APS can supply you with both D1S and D2S systems.


  • More Light to work with
  • Improved spread from side to side
  • Improved foreground illumination
  • Improved down the road illumination

Bulb Life: ~2,500+ hrs (actual life being attained on mine site applications)
Color Temp: Osram ~4,200K Phillips ~4,100K

OEM parts cross reference numbers:
AD1S-OG5 (Osram Part No. 66144)
AD2S-OG5 (Osram Part No. 66240)

Brand Osram

Origin GER

Quick Specs

12/24V DC



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Osram D1S Xenarc 12/24V 35W bulb / 42W system, built-in ignitor, (OEM: Osram Part No. 66144)

N/AXenon12/24V DC1 lbs-

Osram D2S Xenarc 12/24V 35W bulb / 42W system, AD2S-OG5 (Osram Part No. 66240)

N/AXenon12/42 V DC1 lbs-

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