ECCO 5580 Series LED Minibar

SAE Class II

ECCO LED minibars provide a compact yet powerful warning solution that offers the flexibility of either permanent or vacuum-magnet mounting. Featuring 12-24 VDC operation, ECCO uses high intensity LED and reflective technology to maximize light output. The permanent mount model offers users the choice of 18 user selectable flash patterns.


  • 3.5A @12V DC
  • Eight LED reflector modules, each comprising three LEDs provide high intensity light output
  • Compact, low profile minibar available in permanent or vacuum-magnet mount
  • Polycarbonate base & low profile lens
  • Vacuum-magnet versions feature two factory fitted vacuum-magnets and 15’ straight cigarette cord with switched plug. Vacuum-magnet versions feature quad flash pattern only.
  • Low amp draw and a long, maintenance-free service life
  • SAE J845 Class II, CE, e
  • Temperature Range: -22°F to +122°F (-30°C to +50°C)
  • Warranty: 3 years


5580A Amber Amber 12-24 3.5 Permanent
5580CA Clear Amber 12-24 3.5 Permanent
5580A-VM Amber Amber 12-24 3.5 Vacuum-Magnet
5580CA-VM Clear Amber 12-24 3.5 Vacuum-Magnet


Flash Pattern Options

1 Quad 10 Double, Alternate Side-to-Side
2 Double 11 Double, Diagonal Alternate
3 Fast Double 12 Quint-hold, Alternate Side-to-Side
4 Slow Quad 13 Quint-hold, Diagonal Alternate
5 Slow Double 14 Fast Rotate
6 Quint-hold 15 Rotate / Quad
7 Burst 16 Wave Rotate
8 Quad, Alternate Side-to-Side 17 Random
9 Quad, Diagonal Alternate 18 Steady On

Brand ECCO

Origin USA

Quick Specs

12-24V DC
3.5A @ 12V DC
SAE J845 Class II, CE, R10, IP65 (Permanent Mount Only)



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Part# Price Description VoltageAmps Weight Avail.
5580A-VM$297.14 $260.00Add

ECCO 5580A-VM SAE Class II – 15″ Vacuum-Magnet, Amber

12-24V DC3.5A @ 12V DC3 lbs-
5580CA-VM$297.14 $260.00Add

ECCO 5580CA-VM SAE Class II – 15″ Vacuum Magnet, Amber Illum

12-24V DC3.5A @ 12V DC3 lbs-
5580CA$257.14 $225.00Add

ECCO 5580CA SAE Class II – 15″ Permanent, Amber Illum

12-24V DC3.5A @ 12V DC3 lbs-
5580A$257.14 $225.00Add

ECCO 5580A SAE Class II – 15″ Permanent, Amber

12-24V DC3.5A @ 12V DC3 lbs-

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